i have never hated anyone more in my LIFE

why is he like this

don’t mess with leehowon



the question is who in your otp is the enthusiastic parent that cheers way too loudly at soccer games

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“omgg be my gay best friend, take me shoppingggg” no how about i steal your credit card and fuck your brother instead hhahaha


giriboy at his concert

Shy Shy Boy…

Trans: Fans asking Papa Tuan if she can marry Mark because she’s multi-lingual.

Papa Tuan: Incredible! Unfortunately Mark doesn’t like to talk! x

bobby + jeju = happiness

Rainbow Got7


"나 욕하는 새끼들, 특히 한 사람 잘 들어. 날 욕하려면 나보다 랩을 더 잘 하든가 우리 회사보다 돈이 더 많아서 빽이 좋든가 씨발"

"For those who’s cursing me, especially you, Listen carefully. If you want to diss me, be the fucking better rapper than me or have a richer entertainment on your back than mine."

- B.I’s Rap from 140623 SHOW ME THE MONEY Concert review

(He’s pointing out Olltii who cursed Bobby before B.I’s stage)

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